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Northwest Envirofan

A division of Northwest Environmental Systems, Inc.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about Northwest Envirofan.

Northwest Envirofan was originally founded in 1972 as Northwest Feed Research, an agriculturally based feed supply company.  Through acquisitions and expansions in product lines, the company added industrial and commercial divisions which focused on environmental control systems and equipment.  To better describe the products offered, the company name was changed to Northwest Environmental Systems, Inc. 

In the years that followed, Northwest turned its focus to ceiling fans, and ceiling fan accessories.  And following an acquisition in 1995, Northwest Envirofan was adopted as the trade name for the ceiling fan division of the company.

Northwest Environmental Systems continues to service the agricultural industry with a specially designed ceiling fan built for tough environments, and also with exclusive Sani-Sure products for the dairy industry.

Northwest prides itself in the unique ability to be large enough to handle the volumes and diversity you require, yet small enough to provide the exceptional detail to quality, customer service, and individual attention you deserve.





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for Industrial, Commercial, and Agricultural Ceiling Fans & Accessories

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a division of Northwest Environmental Systems, Inc. 

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