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New Styles !
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Sani-Sure Cloth Dairy Towels

We have added

3 new HEAVIER towels!

   NOW choose from 5 different styles . . .

RECYCLED - 11 oz./doz. $3.18/doz. Reclaimed from hospitals and hotels. Not uniform in size or weight.

STANDARD - 12 oz./doz. $4.11/doz. Slightly heavier than Recycled. Uniform in size and weight.

HEAVYWEIGHT - 16 oz./doz. $5.50/doz. Thicker and heavier than Standard. Superior overlocked edges.

SUPERSIZE - 18 oz./doz. $6.00/doz. Folded edges. 13 x 13" size. As thick as Heavyweight, but larger.

PREMIUM - 23 oz./doz. $7.76/doz. Folded edges. Our thickest, heaviest towel in our larger 13 x 13" size.



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