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Sani-Sure Cloth Dairy Towels

For longest life, optimum sanitation, and best quality maintenance of your towels,

please read and follow these care instructions:


       Do not overfill washer with towels. 

       Use a good quality detergent and hot water.  Economy brand detergents may not remove soil as well.  For best results use detergent dispenser or add detergent before adding towels.  Also recommended are good quality powdered dairy towel detergents with sanitizers added.  Do not use dairy towel detergents with a high chlorine content as too much chlorine will cause cloth towels to weaken and wear out quickly. 

       Use bleach cautiously.  Chlorine bleach is a good sanitizer when used with standard laundry detergent, however, too much will cause towel fibers to weaken.  For sanitizing purposes we recommend no more than 1/4 cup per full standard wash load.  

For both sanitizing and keeping towels whiter and softer without chlorine bleach, we recommend a good quality dairy towel detergent with non-chlorine ingredients. Do not use additional chlorine bleach with these detergents.  

CAUTION:  When adding chlorine bleach to your wash, use the bleach dispenser, or fill washer with water and add bleach before adding towels.  DO NOT pour chlorine bleach over towels as it may cause holes.



       Tumble dry at normal setting.  High heat is not recommended.  

       Do not overdry.  Prolonged heating of dry towels can weaken fibers.


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