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If you are a dairyman milking 100 cows 2X a day, 
you reach for a paper towel 72,000 times a year to dry an udder. 

And if you're like most dairymen, chances are you're not smiling:

There's a better way...Sani*Sure Cloth Dairy Towels.

The simple economics of cloth dairy towels.


The hard paper doesn't really clean or dry the udder well enough.


You don't like the continuous daily expense of paper.


You feel bad about the volume of paper waste you are creating for the environment. 


SANI*SURE Cloth Towels clean and dry more thoroughly.


SANI*SURE Cloth Towels cut your yearly towel expense by over 50%!


SANI*SURE Cloth Towels don't create landfill waste or need garbage pick-up.


 1. Assumptions:

a) 100 cow herd milking 2X/day, using one towel/cow/milking to dry.

b) Cost of Sani*Sure cloth towel is $250 per 800. (12 oz/dozen style)

c) Minimum usage of each Sani*Sure cloth towel: Use / wash / dry - 100 times each.

d) Purchase price of paper towels is $22 per 2000 (one time use).


2. Mathematics: Cloth Paper
Purchase Cost (per use) .003 .0110
Soap Cost ($5/gal., 3 oz./wash-120 towels) .0010 ---
Washer/Dryer Cost ($450 used, 7 yr. life) .0015 ---
Total Cost Per Use .005 .0110
COST PER YEAR $365.00 $792.00


3. Bottom Line:

Sani*Sure Cloth Towels will cut your dairy towel expense in half! 

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