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about Sani-Sure cloth dairy towels . . .


1. What size are SANI-SURE towels?

Recycled average about 10" square. After washing, standard average about 10-11" square; heavyweight average about 12" square; and supersize/premium average about 13" square. The samples you have received are machine washed and dried. When you order recycled towels which are used, the towels have been washed and dried several times already. When you order standard, heavyweight, supersize or premium towels, the towels you receive are new and will be compressed and packed flat for more efficient shipping. The new towels have not been washed and will fluff up as soon as they are washed.

2. Are SANI-SURE towels the same as the economy towels sold by the dozen at the local discount store?

No. The quality of our towels is higher than theirs while the cost is almost half. Sani-Sure towels have a tighter weave, closer nap, and either serged or hemmed edges. We provide the quantity and style you want in bulk packaging.

3. How come your price is so much lower?

We are able to provide you with a better price because we buy and sell in bulk. Also, our towels come directly from the mill and have not been washed or prepared as they would be if sold individually for residential use. And we make shopping easier, too. We deliver directly to your door within a matter of days. We will even set you up on an automatic delivery schedule if you wish.

4. What is the fabric content of SANI-SURE towels?

All of our towels are either 100% cotton or an 85% cotton and 15% poly mix.

5. Are the edges finished on SANI-SURE towels? Will the towels unravel or wear out first?

Yes, the edges are finished. One of our specifications is that the edges are either tightly serged or hemmed to prevent unraveling. In fact, tests show that usually Sani-Sure towels will eventually become thinner and less absorbent, not frayed or wearing holes. We have several testing farms that use our towels on an ongoing basis. They return samples after specified periods of time. This helps us determine the best quality of towels—those with the longest life, for the best price, that are the most efficient size for cleaning and drying udders.

6. Why are SANI-SURE towels sold by the pound? How many will I get?

In order to give the best value to our customers, we sell by the pound. In a 50 lb. box you would get approximately 900 recycled, 800 standard, 600 heavyweight towels, 550 supersize, or 425 premuim towels because they vary in size and thickness. The average weight of our recycled towels is approximately 11 oz. per dozen. Sani-Sure standard towels average 12 oz., heavyweight average 16 oz. per dozen, supersize average 18 oz. per dozen, and premium average 23 oz. per dozen.  However, when sold in bulk, even new towels can vary very slightly in their thread count and weight. When selling by the pound each customer is assured of getting the same value for his money, even though the number of towels can be a few more or less.

7. What is the actual difference between SANI-SURE's recycled and new towels?

Recycled towels have been reclaimed from hospitals and hotels. The hospitals and hotels use them a specified number of times before they consider them "expired" and replace them. Because the recycled towels are from a number of different sources they are not exactly uniform in size and weight, although they are all very similar. Because they have been used you may find a few that have a stain or a small hole. New towels are all brand new. They have never been used. Each style is uniform in size and weight.

8. What style of SANI-SURE towels do other farmers prefer?

About half our customers purchase recycled and half purchase new towels. It is really a personal preference. Each farmer and his situation is different, depending on whether he is using an udder wash or just predip, and whether he prefers working with a heftier, larger towel. Some farmers value the uniformity and extra weight of the new towels, while others like the lower price and value of the recycled towels.

9. Will the new towels last longer than the recycled?

Possibly. However the recycled towels can also be a very good quality originally, with a long life expectancy remaining when you receive them. But the life of recycled towels can vary somewhat, even within the same box of towels.

10. How many times can each towel be washed?

It can vary by the thread count and type of towel that is ordered. The life of a towel also depends on the user—how he launders them and at what point of wear he chooses to replace them. Most of our test farms find that their towels last between 150 and 250 washings. Normally, if a towel is washed 2x per day, it can last at least 3 months.

11. How many towels fit into one wash load?

Usually 120 washcloth size towels is a full washer load, unless you have industrial-size appliances.

12. How do I order?

You may phone, fax, or mail in an order. We will ship via UPS within 24 hours of receiving your order. We take VISA and Mastercard, or you may ship C.O.D. You may also send a check with your order.

13. Who do I call if I have another question?

Our offices are open Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Any of our customer service people may help you. If you call after hours, just leave a message and someone will call you back the next business day.


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