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What we hear from our customers....


On our small dairy, we have always used paper towel.  One day I decided we were going to try cloth towels.  There was nothing wrong with paper, just trying to go more “green”.  No one really commented on the switch until one evening my sister and I were milking.  I hadn’t gotten the towels washed and thought we could use up the rest of the paper towels.  WRONG!  “Paper?...I’m not using paper!” said my sister.  She walked to the house, started the wash, and didn’t come out till they were done.

-Swanson Dairy,  Emmett Idaho



We’ve been very happy with Sani-Sure towels.

-Whitford Farm,  Volga Iowa



The towels have held up very well.  We milk 170 cows and have now used the towels one year.  Our SCC has decreased on the average of 50 points during this time.  We have been very pleased with the towels and results.

-Rohrer Farms, Inc,   Orrville  Ohio



Sani-Sure is a very durable towel.  We are impressed with the structure and size of this towel.  You have a very good product!

-Edginton Farms,  Lexington  Kentucky



There is no comparison between cloth and paper.  Disposal of used paper towels is a nuisance they don’t burn well.  We have a used washer and dryer in the parlor, it works fine.  Cleaner cows and easier.

-Clover Hill Dairy,  Linneus Missouri




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