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Tips for Dairy Farmers using Cloth Dairy Towels

Barrel halves hold used towels
From Dairy Herd Management  |  1/1/2000

Empty teat dip barrels get a second life at Soaring Eagle Dairy, LLP, in Newton, Wis. They hold individual cloth towels which are used to prep cows. In addition, the side of a barrel provides a convenient location for milkers to hang teat dippers, says Jim Fitzgerald, one of five owners of the 500-cow dairy.

After cleaning, the barrels were cut in half lengthwise and suspended in the parlor. To do so, they stretched a 0.25-inch cable the length of the parlor pit and about 9 feet above the pit floor. Then, they bolted 5-foot-long pieces of 1-inch aluminum angle iron onto the ends of each half barrel and hooked them to the cable. They chose aluminum to prevent rust, Fitzgerald says.

Dryer keeps towels fresh, handy
From Dairy Herd Management  |  7/26/2002
Using individual cloth towels to dry udders in the parlor can result in extra steps for employees. At Steinhorst Dairy in Kewaunee, Wis., a clothes dryer is conveniently located near the parlor so that plenty of fresh towels are ready for each milking shift.




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