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Which Sani-Sure towel should I buy?


The Recycled towels are a great buy for the money.  They will be a mix of styles and weights, but for the prudent buyer they get the job done.  These towels have been reclaimed from hospitals and/or hotels that use them a few times and then dispose of them for new.  Many farmers like the fact that they are benefiting the environment by recycling.


The Economy line of towels are new towels that are either overruns or imperfects.  They were manufactured for retail use, however due to an overrun in production, an overstock situation, an imperfect white color or imperfect size; they were not suitable for sale in a retail store.  The Economy towels are similar to what you might purchase in an outlet store.  The weight will be consistent, but the style and blend content may vary slightly from shipment to shipment.  For many farmers this is not an issue and they like the idea of savings due to imperfections that do not affect the performance of the towels.


The Grade-A line of towels are custom made for Sani-Sure.  They are manufactured to our specifications in response to our customer requests.  The weight, style, and blend content will always be consistent.  You may pay a few more pennies per towel, but for the discriminate buyer, the consistency is important.

Premium Grade

The Premium Grade line of towels was introduced five years ago.  Again, these towels are manufactured to our specifications in response to our customers requests.  Slightly larger, these towels start out as a 13 x 13 inch towel so that after many washings they will remain a desirable size for larger udders and larger hands.  These towels are manufactured to our specifications, especially for Sani-Sure, so that you can always count on the weight, style and content to be consistent.  The Premium Grade towels are perfect for the farmer who wants the highest grade of towel available, and prefers a heftier towel.  The 23 oz towel offers the added weft of a double twisted thread for superior absorbency.


      Remember, we are happy to send a sample of each towel to help make your choice easier.  We realize that sometimes you need to hold the towel in your hand, and compare it to what you have been using to see the difference.

     Also, the samples we send you are washed one time.  We wash them to show you the size, and weight of the towels after you use them.  We ship our towels to you in compressed form.  If we shipped the towels to you without compressing them, we would need to send you three boxes to fit all of the towels.  By compressing the towels, you pay less for shipping.



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